What people are saying about Medication Card:

I have carried Medication Card around for a couple of months because it sounded too good to be true.

I used it today and saved $37 on my prescriptions.
- Linda from Rochester, NY

I thought that Medication Card was just some hoax.

I went to my pharmacist sure that they would turn me down when I handed over this card. Instead, I would up saving over $50 each on two different prescriptions. Now I want additional cards for my family and friends.
- John Brown from San Jose, CA

I was at a doctor office, and had seen stack of cards, and I picked one up...he said to use on my prescription...and I used it, and it went through and...it save me 60 dollars on my prescription every month...
Virginia Johnson, Utah

I would like to thank all the people who made this card available.

My husband has been out of work for over a year and has no insurance and Medication Card has
saved us considerable money. My prescription which cost $36 was filled for me for $18.
- M Stanley from Houston, TX

I was shocked to discover how much I saved on prescription drugs by using Medication Card.

I was paying $45 for a prescription which I will need for the rest of my life. When I found Medication Card
I saved myself around $20 on my prescription.
- Fielda from Las Vegas, NV

I was extremely glad to be able to get instant access to Medication Card.

My insurance required pre-approval on a drug which I couldn't wait for. I saved $19 right away using Medication Card.
- Andrew from Seatle, Washingtion

I feel like this is some kind of magic card!

I brought in a new script today and found out my insurance would not cover it at all and that it was going to cost just over $40 for only 30 pills! I told them not to fill it because I cannot afford the medication and I was not even sure if it would work or how my body would handle it. They suggested I just buy a few and see how it goes. Then I found Medication Card. We ran the script through again using Medication Card and voila! The price came down to $26.36 for all 30 pills! I have one other prescription that my insurance doesn't cover any more so I'm going to try using this magic Medication Card on it too! Thanks so much!
- Phyllis from Massachusetts

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